Innovative Education Academy

CodeAcademy Kids is an innovative education academy for pupils, offering programming groups, virtual classroom training, and entrepreneurship and creativity summer camps. 

New year – new class! 
There is no better time for a change than today! 🤩 Discover a new coding class!


Coding = A tool

Through programming, students are taught: critical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail, and teamwork

More than 800 graduates annually

We contribute to Lithuanian technological education and connect more and more students every year

Lecturer qualification

All lecturers are professionals in their field, working or having worked in IT companies, whose professional development in pedagogy and psychology we take care of by organizing internal seminars and training.

Programming classes - in convenient locations, close to home

We want it to be easy to come to the classes, so they take place in conveniently planned places in the city. Already more than 40 locations!

The programs are tailored for pupils

Students turn their hobbies and pursuits into websites, applications, computer games or businesses

Online training - so that everyone can reach technological education.

We believe that no child can be left out because of their geographical or social situation, so education with us is accessible to all.

Programming languages and tools

Students learn: Unity / JavaScript / Scratch / Blockly / WIX / HTML / CSS / PHP, Adobe Creative Suite languages and tools

The CodeAcademy Kids brings together the community

Free events are organized, students and their parents participate in hackathons, fairs and seminars.


IT classes close to home or online

Groups for children are organized in strategically convenient places – close to your home or online.📍

Choose the city where you would like to attend the group, pick the group corresponding to the child’s age and you will see on the map in which locations activities suitable for you take place. 🗺️

If necessary, children can attend a group on the principle of a virtual class – by connecting to the lesson remotely. 🏡

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We are responsible


Financial support for schools

Programming sessions take place in school IT classes, which CodeAcademy Kids helps to update, from lego robots to interior design. 🤖 For example, in the IT class of Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium we performed cosmetic repairs, installed new lighting, built new tables, chairs and a flat-screen TV. ✨

Free places for low-income families

We strive to ensure that financial opportunities do not become an obstacle to quality education, so every 10 children in our academy study for free. 💸 This opportunity can be used by children from socially disadvantaged, large families and orphanages. Be sure to contact! 🙋

Programming science available to children in the regions

We promote technological education in the regions and want to reduce the gap between big and small cities, so we teach children remotely - on the principle of a virtual classroom. 👩‍💻


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