Summer camps – embracing entrepreneurship and creativity

The only entrepreneurship summer camp in Lithuania

Entrepreneurial, financial distribution and idea generation skills are developed from an early age. During the camps, children will develop teamwork skills, notice problems and find solutions, analyze the ideas.

Summer camp for children and teenagers from 7 to 18 years old

We invite the youngest students (7-10 years old) to participate in the Adventure creativity camp, 11-13 year olds to learn robotics and create games at GameDev camp, and senior (14-18 years old) gymnasium students to take part in the Hi-Tech shift of entrepreneurial secrets.

The speakers are representatives of leading companies

Last year, representatives of Google, Startup Lithuania, Reach for Change, Vinted, Bored Panda, and the Lithuanian Game Developers Association delivered presentations at the camps. We will announce the rapporteurs for the coming years soon.

Embracing creativity and entrepreneurship

Each camp is thematic and promotes different skills needed to broaden student development and horizons. During the Adventure Camp, kids will develop creativity, in the GameDev shift, they will learn robotics, and in the Hi-Tech shift - the secrets of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Summer camps we organize for children

Silicon Valley Adventure

Creativity and games camp for 7 - 10 year old students.


Silicon Valley GameDev

GameDev and robotics camp for 11 - 14 year old students.


Silicon Valley Hi-Tech

Entrepreneurship and newest technology camp for 14 - 18 year old students.


Frequently asked questions

If the camps are not held due to the fault of the organizer (CodeAcademy Kids) or quarantine restrictions – the money will be refunded.

If students are unable to attend due to personal reasons, they will be able to use the amount paid for other CodeAcademy Kids activities, such as clubs and camps, within 12 months.

All children in the camp have health, life and civil liability insurance. Camp managers are trained to provide first aid, and we have all the necessary tools and knowledge to do so.

Parents must inform the camp organizers and on paper (or by digital means, such as e-mail) who will pick up the children from the camp (relevant for children under 14) or who to contact if the child does not show up at the camp. The same procedure applies in cases where children should leave the camp earlier.

The number of children in the camp is limited. As the requirements for controlling the spread of the virus are changing rapidly, we will follow the requirements of public health safety, hygiene and the provision of necessary personal protective equipment.

Camp participants and their parents/guardians will be consistently informed before the camp about how activities are planned and what measures we will take to ensure safety.

Children will not be tested at the CodeAcademy Kids initiative during the camps, but each participant will be contacted individually before the camp to confirm a negative COVID-19 test result or to provide an immunity statement.

Yes, our camps are suited to a variety of diets for children. For specific allergies and/or nutritional needs, please contact our customer service specialists.


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