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CodeAcademy Kids is a programming academy for students from 5 to 18 years old. We set it up to make the modern student’s time spent at the computer efficient. 📈 When developing our programs, we analyze the interests of current students, their way of living, ways of spending free time, etc., which makes our teaching material not only exceptional but also extremely interesting for our students. 💡


During the classes we develop the following competencies: 

☀️ critical, logical and analytical thinking;

☀️ attention to detail; 

☀️ creativity; 

☀️ approach to the problem and ways to solve it; 

☀️ ability to work in a team. 

We teach children to trust themselves and their ideas, to help others, to respect the teacher and classmates and their ideas.

At CodeAcademy Kids, students learn one of the most important competencies of the time (↖️) by creating unique projects: computer games, websites, mobile applications, brands, software systems, animations, virtual worlds, and more. 

🤸‍♀️ Teachers become mentors of students’ personal projects, and friends. 

👩‍💻 CodeAcademy Kids teaches HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C # programming languages. 


Game Development

Coding (website, systems)

Mobile Apps

Design (animation, branding, website)

The education system in Lithuania does not keep pace with a rapidly changing society. What was effective twenty years ago now seems boring and out of date to students. We know how important it is to have a good knowledge base, which is why we do what we do best – bring students closer to computer technology and programming through creativity, logic, diligence and teamwork.



I am a true fan of CodeAcademy Kids because I tried gained invaluable experience both as a participant in the Silicon Valley camp and as a volunteer. It’s not just a meaningful way to spend the summer – it’s real growth in every sense. ☺️

Антон Беловодский

Only the best words, I have not seen my son go to camp with such enthusiasm 

Kristina Kristute

The 3rd grade of Šiauliai Romuva Progymnasium participated in the “CodeAcademy Kids Mission – Mars” – a modern and innovative 14-hour IT program. According to the students, they enjoyed creating games the most, children understood how everything works, what actions need to be taken. Thank you so much for the non-traditional lessons and motivation! Educator

Educator Edita