We believe that every child should have the ability to study technological sciences in a fun and interesting way. By being socially responsible, we are trying very hard to make our courses available to those who are less fortunate. Currently, one in ten students in our academy is studying for free. Our goal is to make this number bigger, but succeeding alone is difficult, therefore our partners’ help and involvement is important. If you know of a child who is not fortunate enough to attend our courses but would find them beneficial, please contact us by email at info@www.codeacademykids.com or by phone +37068333630.

Contact us now and let’s create Lithuania’s future together!

School renovation and investments into the future

We cooperate with schools in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda not only by teaching their kids to program, but also by upgrading their infrastructure. We strive that every student in Lithuania would have access to the newest technologies at least in their school, the surroundings of which should be cosy and motivating to learn. We are already creating the future for our children!

In 2017, 40 students of the academy attended our courses for free, while more than 100 students from rural parts of the country took the online courses provided by us and Tele2 Lietuva.

9737€ is what we devoted to free education in 2017.

In 2018, 100 students attended courses in our academy for free. We assigned 30,000€ to make free education a reality.

In Summer we renovated the IT classroom of the Vilnius Antakalnis gymnasium, the first of our partner schools. We will strive to upgrade both the equipment and the infrastructure of IT classes in all of our partner schools in the future.