Silicon Valley Hi-Tech

Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Summer Camp for 15-18 year olds is a business simulation based on the Silicon Valley concept. Students create starters and present to real investors at the end of the camp! The camp was a great success – the program was recognized not only by the students and their parents, but also by the Lithuanian start-up community. 🏆

People working in Silicon Valley say it’s not a place, it’s a state of being. That is exactly the state we will be creating in July. 🎯


Entrepreneurship camp14 - 18 y.o. students

DateSummer 2022


What to expect from the camp?

It’s a day camp

We will be waiting for campers for five working days from 9:00 to 18:00.

What is included in the price:

Catering (lunch, lunch, dinner, water). Stationery. Board games, computer equipment for activities. Mandatory disinfection and protection measures.


Application of the latest technologies in the most promising areas of innovative business.

Skills developed

Entrepreneurship, communication, teamwork skills, strategic thinking, leadership and more.

Creating a business model

Throughout the camp, participants will build their businesses, which will be presented at the end of the camp to a competent commission evaluating the pitches of real starters.

Active games

Active activity to help clear your head and inflate motivation to achieve more


Lunch (soup and hot dish) will be taken care of by the Public Institution Youth Valley, snacks – Žemaitijos pienas, and so that the ideas do not lack strength – Biršonas mineral waters will take care that there is water near the CodeAcademy Kids – Akvilė Kids.


Dishes will be made only from fresh and high quality products: whole grain flour, pure olive oil, first grade vegetables, etc. The menu is compiled in accordance with the public health recommendations and norms for child nutrition of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. The most important criteria are: a balanced, varied, moderate diet, less sugar, less salt, less saturated fat, more fiber and the food must be accompanied by water. 



Located away from the city, on one side surrounded by the Valakampiai forest, on the other – the Neris and its beach, is the center of creative industries Pakrantė. The Pakrantė center, which operates in an exclusive industrial environment, gathers people who create and work every day. These spaces are under the auspices of Rupert – an interdisciplinary educational, residency exhibition program, with permanent residency from artists around the world. Various events take place in the exhibition hall: team building courses, training, art performances, exhibitions and conferences.

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What to expect from the camp?

  • Experience what it is to be entrepreneurs and innovators. 
  • Get acquainted with the processes of successful business development, the latest technologies and their integration into the businesses of different industries. 
  • Develop a problem-solving approach, understanding how technology influences business processes, the ability to think futuristically about business, critical thinking. 
  • Listen to presentations from industry representatives and get acquainted with the latest technologies. 
  • Meet like-minded people and have a good time.


I am a true fan of CodeAcademy Kids because I tried gained invaluable experience both as a participant in the Silicon Valley camp and as a volunteer. It’s not just a meaningful way to spend the summer – it’s real growth in every sense. ☺️

Антон Беловодский

Only the best words, I have not seen my son go to camp with such enthusiasm 

Kristina Kristute

My daughter had a great time at Silicon Valley Adventure! Interesting and useful program, super cool staff 😉 Definitely recommended!

Augustė Lia

Join Silicon Valley Hi-Tech!

Entrepreneurship camp14 - 18 y.o. students

DateSummer 2022


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