Silicon Valley Adventure

A five-day summer camp full of creativity and games – Silicon Valley Adventure, where children from 7 to 10 yers old will create their own board game and have to cope with the challenges we have prepared – just like in fairy tales! 🧚‍♂️

During the camp, kids will create fantasy worlds and a board game, learn STEM, and develop reading, writing, arithmetic and logic skills. The content of the camp is integrated, so the main subjects are explored and discovered through play and problem solving. 🪐


Creativity camp7 - 10 y.o. kids

DateSummer 2022


What to expect from the camp?

It’s a day camp

We are welcoming our campers for five working days from 9:00 to 18:00.

What is included in the price:

Catering (lunch, lunch, dinner, water). Stationery. Board games, computer equipment for activities. Mandatory disinfection and protection measures.

The main theme of the camp

Creating a board game through innovative integrated interdisciplinary learning.

The content and guidelines for learning are set out in the Framework Programs:

Integrated reading and writing strategies; speed reading elements and application in information retrieval; analysis of electricity in a scientific context; teaching mathematics and logic in the development of algorithms; research and analysis of phenomena using game associations.


The camp speakers give children technical knowledge related to each day's theme (magic, history, technology) so that children can use them together in practice and adapt them to their unique fantasy world, its inhabitants - superheroes and their goal - energy recovery.

Active games

We organize different, active games outdoors and indoors every day to help the kids to better understand the theme of the day and to form teamwork skills, stay active, make new friends, have a good time, dream!


Lunch (soup and hot dish) will be taken care of by the Public Institution Youth Valley, snacks – Žemaitijos pienas, and so that the ideas do not lack strength – Biršonas mineral waters will take care that there is water near the CodeAcademy Kids – Akvilė Kids.


Dishes will be made only from fresh and high quality products: whole grain flour, pure olive oil, first grade vegetables, etc. The menu is compiled in accordance with the public health recommendations and norms for child nutrition of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania. The most important criteria are: a balanced, varied, moderate diet, less sugar, less salt, less saturated fat, more fiber and the food must be accompanied by water. 



Vilnius Tech Park is the Silicon Valley of the Baltic States. It is home to companies preparing to enter the global market. Google, Oberlo, CodeAcademy, GameInsight, Deeper and others have offices in the Tech Park. The 19th century buildings, which until relatively recently housed the Sapiega Hospital, are for offices and co-working spaces. Currently, there are more than 700 innovative minds in the park, interested in improving the Lithuanian ecosystem to create non-governmental performing arts organizations, and for the spectator to see what other theaters do not show.

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What to expect from the camp?

During the camp the kids will: 

  • will try on the shoes of the creators. 
  • Promote contextual learning by integrating new technologies. 
  • Fill the gaps left by formal training during quarantine. 
  • Form skills that you can use in real life. 
  • Promote cooperation. 
  • Will develop a problem solving attitude. 
  • Will develop students’ critical thinking (eg in the context of idea generation, team search context, etc.). 
  • Have a good time and make friends!





My daughter had a great time at Silicon Valley Adventure! Interesting and useful program, super cool staff 😉 Definitely recommended!

Augustė Lia

I am a true fan of CodeAcademy Kids because I tried gained invaluable experience both as a participant in the Silicon Valley camp and as a volunteer. It’s not just a meaningful way to spend the summer – it’s real growth in every sense. ☺️

Антон Беловодский

Only the best words, I have not seen my son go to camp with such enthusiasm 

Kristina Kristute

Awesome classes! The organization takes education and the future of Lithuania very seriously !!! Glad there are young people who care about the future and children !! Thank you for your work and the beautiful letters about the children, we really don’t get that much attention from other clubs. Raminta 


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Creativity camp7 - 10 y.o. kids

DateSummer 2022


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