Website development | 12-13 years old

Students will learn to convey ideas in cyberspace using Wix and free design tools. 🎨 Will also create web pages and their designs (UX / UI). In addition to IT skills, students will expand their baggage of English, entrepreneurship and math knowledge. 📊 

Depending on the skills and knowledge of programming, students will be divided into different groups: those who do not have a basic knowledge of programming will learn to use tools and programs, and children who have previously attended a group will continue their studies and develop more complex projects. 🚀 

Kids can attend the group once or twice a week. If necessary, the group can be attended on the principle of a virtual class – by connecting to the lesson remotely. 🏡 


Program duration9 months

Times per week1 - 2

Price from35€/mo.


What to expect from the class?


Empathetic leadership is very important in project development, with the help of which it is possible to better understand, listen and advise on various issues.


Sustainable teamwork helps an organization or team to do more than a group of people who want to meet only their personal ambitions.

Computational thinking

It is a problem-solving method that involves expressing problems and their solutions in a way that a computer can perform.


The principles of programming are also applied in everyday life: data, sequence of actions, conditions, summary and repetition of actions. In this way, the thought process is developed and logic is sharpened.

Design thinking

Design-based thinking focuses not on choosing alternatives, but on designing new possibilities. It delves into the user's position and experience, explains what factors cause them.


Students who attend the group twice a week will learn about entrepreneurship. We orient students through the prism of business to choose their project - be it a computer game, a website, or a mobile application.


1st trimester

We will start the school year by getting acquainted with the basics of website development: Wix content management system, HTML basics and CSS language. Students will program photo galleries and start learning to program representative websites.

2nd trimester

We will start learning one of the most popular programming languages in the world in the second trimester - JavaScript! Students will apply the acquired knowledge when creating a website template.

3rd trimester

In the last trimester of the school year, we will return to the development of websites: students will remember and consolidate the knowledge gained in the autumn and learn new things! They will perform team building exercises and tasks and remember the basics of programming - mathematics. Students will create a solar system project and information pages about planets.


During this school year, children will learn to work with Wix content management and website development platform, HTML, CSS, Javascript programming language.

The price of the program 

  1. Students can attend the group once or twice a week;
  2. The duration of one session is two academic hours 
  3. Different groups on weekdays and Saturdays 
  4. There is a possibility to use the NEC (non-formal education of children) basket 
  5. Currently, NEC baskets cannot be used in Šiauliai and Rokiškis 


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Frequently asked questions

If a student is unable to participate in a particular class, it is always possible to download the lesson record with all the study material and complete the assignment on their own.

The duration of the classes is endless. The group can be suspended when the paid subscription expires.
In order to return to the classes, the administration needs to be informed and the child will be able to continue teaching from the same lesson they completed.

Good mood and willingness to learn! Everything you need is already in the CodeAcademy Kids classes.

Up to 10 students participate in the classes.

Classes are held on the same schedule throughout the year, unless the group teacher and all students in the group have agreed to move the class to another day or time. Records of all lessons that have taken place and useful information are always available in the user’s account.

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service.