Introduction to Coding | 5 – 7 old kids

In the pre-school age group, children have not yet learned programming, but are developing skills that will help them to program in the future.  👨‍💻

During classes kids solve logical problems and puzzles, play treasure hunt games, learn the basics of mathematics and fluent storytelling. 🧩

If necessary, kids can attend the group on the principle of a virtual class – by connecting to the lesson remotely.🏡


Number of lessonsfrom 4

Times per weekfrom 1

Pricerom 35 € / month


What to expect from the classes?


The student best receives and assimilates information when he/she feels safe and motivated, we will dedicate one lesson every trimester to group formation and tasks related to self and other knowledge.

Computational thinking

It is a problem-solving method that involves expressing problems and their solutions in a way that a computer can perform.


The principles of programming are also applied in everyday life: data, sequence of actions, conditions, summary and repetition of actions. In this way, children develop thinking process and sharpen logic skills.



Educating mathematics through simple math games.

Team building tasks

We strive to create a productive and friendly environment, so we practice a variety of classroom strengthening and leadership exercises and games.

Logic problems

During the classes, children solve logic tasks related to data, sequence of actions, conditions, generalization and repetition of actions.

Computational thinking tasks

Problems are solved by a method of computational thinking that involves expressing problems and their solutions in a way that a computer could perform.

The price of the program

  1. Students can attend the group once or twice a week;

  2. The duration of one session is two academic hours 

  3. Different groups on weekdays and Saturdays 

  4. There is a possibility to use the NEC (non-formal education of children) basket 

  5. Currently, NEC baskets cannot be used in Šiauliai and Rokiškis.

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Frequently asked questions

Classes are held on the same schedule throughout the year, unless the group teacher and all students in the group have agreed to move the class to another day or time. Records of all lessons that have taken place and useful information are always available in the user’s account.

Up to 10 students participate in the classes.

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service.

Good mood and willingness to learn! Everything you need is already in the CodeAcademy Kids classes.

The duration of the classes is endless. The group can be suspended when the paid subscription expires.
In order to return to the classes, the administration needs to be informed and the child will be able to continue teaching from the same lesson they completed.

If a student is unable to participate in a particular class, it is always possible to download the lesson record with all the study material and complete the assignment on their own.