Game development

During the program students will develop their programming skills and learn the intricacies of the powerful game engine – Unity. 🎮 They will be taught essential programming concepts and principles, including variables, loops, conditional statements, arrays, and object-oriented programming. Throughout their learning journey, students will also be introduced to the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and algorithms. 💡


The course will also cover the concept of algorithms, which the children will use to implement behavior models mimicking birds. They will learn about GPS technology, which they will apply in creating a 3D educational game. 📍 Additionally, they will learn about various file formats and the filtering, sorting, processing, and visualization of large datasets. Furthermore, during the final project, students will have the opportunity to represent a 3D projection of the elevation of a chosen location in the game. Students will not only gain programming and game development skills but also develop critical problem-solving, creativity, and analytical thinking skills.

Program duration9 months

Times per week1

Price from49€/month


Skills Developed:

Fundamentals of Programming

Game Development with Unity

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to GPS Technology

Data Processing and Visualization


1st trimester

In the first trimester students will immerse themselves in the exciting world of Unity game development. The goal of this trimester is to create a 3D shooter-style game. Students will become familiar with fundamental programming concepts, variables, functions, and Unity tools. In the initial lessons, students will also learn about popular artificial intelligence tools - natural language processing and generation tool OpenAI ChatGPT and text-to-speech application Murf, which they will have the opportunity to experiment with. During the sessions, children will design the mechanics of a 3D first-person game. Time will be devoted to independent improvement of game graphics and interface creation. A significant portion of the lessons will be spent programming various game mechanics, including shooting, aiming, reloading, and enemy generation. At the same time, students will also become acquainted with the concept of artificial intelligence, algorithms, structures, and loops, which they will apply in their game.

2nd trimester

In the second trimester students will explore GPS technology, using it to create a 3D educational geography game. Lessons will emphasize the more complex JSON file format, which they will use for filtering, sorting, and data distribution tasks. At the end of the trimester, students will be introduced to the GIMP drawing software. Students will have the opportunity to draw various images independently and incorporate them into the game.

3rd trimester

In the final trimester students will learn the basics of data visualization, which they will use to program the 3D representation of the terrain based on an individually chosen Mars elevation map. In the final project, students will set goals, create their game mechanics, user interface, and game logo. They will use the previously learned GIMP software for the logo, highlighting their design skills. The second part of the trimester will be dedicated to project optimization, workflow management, game testing, bug fixing, and finalizing game details. The trimester concludes with the export of the final game and a summary of all the concepts learned.


During the academic year students will learn programming, master game engine capabilities, and explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

The price of the program 

  1. Students can attend the group once a week;
  2. The duration of one session is two academic hours 
  3. Different groups on weekdays and Saturdays 
  4. There is a possibility to use the NEC (non-formal education of children) basket 


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Frequently asked questions

If a student is unable to participate in a particular class, it is always possible to download the lesson record with all the study material and complete the assignment on their own.

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service.

Classes are held on the same schedule throughout the year, unless the group teacher and all students in the group have agreed to move the class to another day or time. Records of all lessons that have taken place and useful information are always available in the user’s account.

Up to 10 students participate in the classes.

Good mood and willingness to learn! Everything you need is already in the CodeAcademy Kids classes.

The duration of the classes is endless. The group can be suspended when the paid subscription expires.
In order to return to the classes, the administration needs to be informed and the child will be able to continue teaching from the same lesson they completed.

If the camps are not held due to the fault of the organizer (CodeAcademy Kids) or quarantine restrictions – the money will be refunded.

If students are unable to attend due to personal reasons, they will be able to use the amount paid for other CodeAcademy Kids activities, such as clubs and camps, within 12 months.