Game Design “Minecraft” | 8-11 years old

Game design classes with the most popular game in the world – Minecraft! 🟨 Together with Minecraft game experts “Edukraftas”, we have created a unique program for small game enthusiasts. 🧚‍♀️

This is an introductory course-adventure about game design. Students will gain knowledge by experimenting, making mistakes, and trying again. Part of learning is development-based, with children playing different roles as game developers. 🧑‍🔬

Students can attend the group once or twice a week. Class takes place remotely – on the principle of a virtual classroom.🏡


Program duration9 months

Times per week1

Price from35€/mo.


What to expect from the classes?

Basics of programming

Using the latest programs, students will begin to learn the concept of programming - creating the first interactive stories, games and animations.

Computational thinking

It is a problem-solving method that involves expressing problems and their solutions in a way that a computer can perform.


The principles of programming are also applied in everyday life: data, sequence of actions, conditions, summary and repetition of actions. In this way, the thought process is developed and logic is sharpened.

Design thinking

Design-based thinking focuses not on choosing alternatives, but on designing new possibilities. It delves into the user's position and experience, explains what factors cause them.


1st trimester

Students will begin the fall trimester with an introduction to the profession of game designer and will gain theoretical knowledge of the different disciplines of game development. Will practice adapting them to different game environments.

2nd trimester

During the second trimester, students will be provided with game prototyping and game planning practice. Children will learn how to test games, how to create a story and narrative, learn block programming.

3rd trimester

At the beginning of the trimester, students will learn how to create and manage 3D objects. We will finish the academic year by creating a final project that combines all theoretical and practical information into one game.


During this school year, children will learn to create with Minecraft, an open-world sandbox computer game.

The price of the program 

  1. Students can attend the group once or twice a week;
  2. The duration of one session is two academic hours 
  3. Different groups on weekdays and Saturdays 
  4. There is a possibility to use the NEC (non-formal education of children) basket 
  5. Currently, NEC baskets cannot be used in Šiauliai and Rokiškis 

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Frequently asked questions

If a student is unable to participate in a particular class, it is always possible to download the lesson record with all the study material and complete the assignment on their own.

The duration of the classes is endless. The group can be suspended when the paid subscription expires.
In order to return to the classes, the administration needs to be informed and the child will be able to continue teaching from the same lesson they completed.

Good mood and willingness to learn! Everything you need is already in the CodeAcademy Kids classes.

Up to 10 students participate in the classes.

Classes are held on the same schedule throughout the year, unless the group teacher and all students in the group have agreed to move the class to another day or time. Records of all lessons that have taken place and useful information are always available in the user’s account.

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service.